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LED signs are one of the most effective and affordable advertising assets for businesses of all sizes. An LED sign helps capture your customers’ attention with vibrant colors and engaging messages, increasing your company’s visibility. When you trust LED Inc. as your sign company in Baton Rouge, you get quality and affordable signs that bring in more business, and in turn, an increase in your revenue.

“Great sign and great service. Thanks for all the help!”

Jeffrey P Brown LLC Iberville Parish Farm Bureau

Indoor & Outdoor Signs for Your Baton Rouge Company

At LED Inc., we provide custom LED signs to fit your needs and budget. With a variety of sizes and color options, you can communicate your company’s specials, events, hours, and information more clearly and effectively to customers. Each of our signs are meticulously manufactured and are weather-resistant for indoor or outdoor use.

Each high-quality, 10mm-resolution sign packs more pixels per square inch than 15mm or 20mm signs for optimal clarity. With a 10mm sign as opposed to a 15mm or 20mm, your customers will see the messages clearly at any distance for maximum impact.

Combined with outstanding customer service and in-person training, you will be expertly showcasing your business or organization in no time.

Why Choose LED Inc. as Your Sign Company in Baton Rouge

LED Inc., has been a trusted sign company in Baton Rouge for nearly 10 years. We service the entire south side of Louisiana and treat each of our customers like our neighbors, providing them with the LED solution they need at a price they can afford. With high-quality signs and time-tested reliability, we help businesses, organizations, schools, churches, doctors, and more increase their visibility, business, and revenue.

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