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Frequently Asked Questions About LED Lighted Signs


Products & Services

You can expect bright, illuminated messages for many years when you trust the LED Inc. Our LED message signs have a long life expectancy of 10+ years.  We also offer special warranties to cover your signs for damage or problems.

When you invest in a LED sign for your business, we give you a wireless laptop computer as well. The computer has special program software installed on it that helps you create messages easily and quickly. Our team member also trains you on the programming so you are ready to display messages immediately.

No, most of our customers can expect to program their sign from a reasonable distance of 50 ft from the sign, however, it depends on the strength of the router. If distance is a greater concern, another option is available. For an additional charge, you can have remote access and program the sign from any location through our internet portal.

Yes, by purchasing remote access and ensuring your sign has a static IP address to connect to, you can program your sign from any location. 

We begin the installation process as soon as we receive our down payment, however, we cannot begin the installation process until we get a sign permit approved.  Depending on the jurisdiction it could be anywhere from 1 – 6 weeks. 

Most jurisdictions do require a sign permit, however, there are a few rural areas that do not. We will obtain any permits that are necessary before installation.

Yes, we would prefer to use your logo, however, we must have it in vector, .pdf, .eps, or .ai high-resolution format. These are the only formats we can use for existing logos from the customer.

Yes, we can design a logo for you. Our design fee is $60.00/hr. How long it will take to design a logo will depend on how detailed the customer wants the logo to be.

There are a number of reasons to purchase a LED lighted sign from us instead of off the internet where companies are not held accountable. The main reasons to buy from us is that we are local, and we manufacture our own signs, which means you get a quality product from people you can trust. We also provide the quickest turnaround time on service calls and can normally reach you within 24-48 hours. In addition, we make sure you get the best in product specifications. If you’re comparing a sign off the internet, make sure to confirm they are giving you a price quote for the same specifications we are providing in resolution, cabinet, makeup, warranty, and quality that LED Inc. is known for. 

Yes, your sign comes with a full, 2-year parts & labor warranty. The 2-year warranty starts once the digital message sign is installed and powered up. Extended warranties can be purchased as well. We also offer free program training while your sign is under warranty. You will have time to train team members and completely understand how to operate your digital sign.

The LED message sign comes complete with front door access, a temperature sensor, a brightness sensor, a wireless laptop, a 2-year parts & labor warranty, unlimited training while the LED message sign is under warranty, and unlimited access to our graphic resource library.

The power required to operate an LED sign depends on the sign that you purchase and factors such as size and package selection. Full-color signs typically require about 220v/30amp. Tri-color and single color signs typically require about 110v/20amp.


Customer Satisfaction

Your software will be updated at no charge as new updates become available.   

Absolutely, we have many references that are happy to display the amazing signs we’ve provided for them. We will be happy to provide that information to you when you visit.

Yes, we invite all our customers, potential and existing, to come to our office and see the LED units before purchasing. Our team members can answer any additional questions you have while you’re browsing and can provide expert advice to help you choose the best LED sign solution.    

Yes, we do have an after-hours emergency number that will be given to you at the time of your purchase. You will always have access to a trained technician even when our office is closed.



Yes, we do have a rental fleet available consisting of various-sized signs. The rental signs are offered on a month-to-month basis with no contract. Rental rates vary depending on the size and the style (i.e. on legs or trailer, single color, tri color, or full color).

  • Any damage that the sign incurs while it is rented is the responsibility of the customer. The customer can claim it on their insurance and/or pay for the repairs and/or replacement of the sign.

Prices & Financing

Our prices are extremely affordable as we control not only the design and installation but also the manufacturing of the signs. That being said, there are many variables that determine the price of an LED sign including what the customer is trying to achieve, their vision, and their budget. Call us today for a solution that works for you.

We do not finance our units. However, we have partnered with a bank for financing options. It will be a simple interest contract with no prepayment penalty. We will be happy to get the two of you together to see if they can help you purchase the sign. We do rent small mobile units or small units on legs for a monthly rate with no contract.

Apply for financing HERE.

Depending on the location of where the sign is being installed, the permit office may require an engineer stamp on a foundation drawing and a wind load letter. Soil composition varies in Louisiana, and the engineer tells us how deep we have to sink the pole, the width of the hole, what psi of concrete we must use, and how much wind the sign can take without collapsing. The engineering fee is assessed when this permit is required.