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High-Resolution LED Signs

You Want a High-Resolution LED Sign, But Which One Should You Get?

When people hear 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm, they automatically believe that the 20mm resolution is the best and highest resolution. However, it’s the exact opposite. A 20mm sign means it has fewer pixels in a given space, and that the pixels are spaced farther apart. A sign with fewer pixels will only be readable from far away as the pixels won’t produce a clear image for closer viewers. When you need your sign readable from all distances, a 15mm or 20mm sign is not the way to go.

A 10mm sign packs more pixels per area, which means your sign is readable from any distance. A 10mm sign will always produce a better, more high-quality image than a 15mm or 20mm resolution sign. At LED Inc., our LED signs all come standard with a 10mm resolution, packing more LEDs in the sign for a clearer image at all distances.


A High-Resolution LED Sign is More Affordable than You Think

You may be thinking that a high-resolution sign is extremely expensive and that you’ll have to settle for the lower-resolution sign to be able to afford one. However, the cost of LED signs has been driven down for years. It’s now more affordable than ever to purchase a quality LED sign, especially when you buy one from LED Inc. 

In addition, LED Inc. offers high-resolution signs at a fraction of what the competitors charge for a low-resolution sign. We’re able to offer this great pricing because we control our entire creation and manufacturing process.

You’ll get a high-resolution, double-sided sign for less than what you could normally get from our competitors. We back our products too with parts and labor warranties so you know you can trust the quality.

Contact LED Inc. today and see for yourself how our signs stand up to the competition in quality and price.