Warranties on Our Programmable LED Signs

Our programmable LED signs are built to last, and we know they will. That is why we offer several warranties and guarantees. You’ll never have to worry about your sign because we ensure its quality with our perfected manufacturing process and provide you with the best services. To top it off, our warranties cover parts, labor, and materials so you never have to pay extra for a repair. When you purchase from LED Inc., your sign is covered so it has a long life to advertise your business.

Extended Parts and Labor Warranty

Get our extended warranty to cover your sign for 10 years. If your sign is damaged by time, electronic malfunction, or hardware failure, then we’ll repair it free of charge. Our technicians come to your business or organization in as little as 24 hours to repair your sign quickly and professionally. With our large inventory of parts and our guarantee that we have your parts in stock, your sign will be up and running again in no time. You won’t have to worry about one single bulb on your programmable LED display for 10 years when you choose to extend your warranty.

Standard Parts and Labor Warranty for Programmable LED Signs
We stand behind our products and our installation service with a standard two-year warranty. Our standard warranty covers any damage from weather, time, electronic malfunction, or hardware failure for two years. We service any damage within 24-48 hours so your sign is repaired quickly if there is a problem.
In-Stock Parts Guarantee
We also guarantee that we will have the parts for your sign in stock for 10 years from your purchase date. You’ll know that we will have a part for your sign and that it will be repaired when you purchase from LED Inc. We have your part in stock, which means a shorter wait time for repairs and almost no down time in advertising your business. We don’t let you lose out on customers because of a part. We have you covered with in-stock parts for 10 years guaranteed.
Matching Module Guarantee
We also guarantee that we’ll have matching modules for 5 years from your purchase completion. We keep matching modules for your sign in stock so that you know your sign will always have consistently bright and calibrated lights. When you trust LED Inc., you can relax knowing your programmable LED sign will always look its best.